The Untamed Forest

Session 15
The Game!

7 Icetide 1409 WR – Wodanstor

In the dungeons below Wodanstor, the party finds themselves engaged in an odd sort of deathmatch being waged between the forces of the undead and beastmen.  Slaying wights, goatfolk, and minotaurs, the party finds ample evidence of Lenetian/Lystrean influence in the crypts, and that some sort of deadly performance has been taking place here for some time.

Using keys taken from the leaders of the factions, the party finds the creature orchestrating the odd game, a deadly spirit naga, which unleashes dark magic and sets its minions on the party.  Although the creature proves wilier than expected, the party is able to effectively lock down the creature and behead it in short order, claiming its vast treasure hoard.  Amongst this hoard is the treasure Feren has sought, an amulet which will lead him to the legendary lost blade Aurum, the sword of the ancient kings of Lenetia.  But not all is well, as the next piece of the sword appears to be in handy of the insidious drow.

Returning to Nordugar to plan, leaving Euryale behind – to Grakkar's sorrow - the party takes some time to kill a hydra threatening outlying farms, and decide to check out rumors of fatal accidents taking place to the south, where the forest itself seems to be rising in anger…

14 Icetide 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 14

2 Icetide 1409 WR – Nordugar

Passing through the village of Urstead on the way to Wodanstor, the party finds the village has a number of odd traditions and that the people seem to have a great deal in common with the Lystreans than true Northmen would generally find in good taste.  Still, the evidence they find here of the presence long ago of the hero Camus Ur indicates to Feren they are on the right track for his quest and so the party elects to make for Wodanstor with haste.

Battling through the stony hills, our heroes deal with a band of harpies before making the climb to the shrine atop the mountain.  Once there, they find the icy precipice inhabited by a nubile priestess named Euryale, who takes them in, and seems to take an immediate liking to Grakkar, seducing the half-orc barbarian.

While Grakkar is indisposed, the rest of the party discusses their next moves and investigates the shrine, finding evidence of a dungeon beneath it.  Not entirely trusting of Euryale, their suspicions deepen when they find potions and unsavory magical ingredients in the shrine.  ANd finally, as Euryale departs to the cold winter night in the nude causes all to doubt whether she is even human.

With the half-orc back, the party then makes their way into the dungeons, and the monstrous guardians that await them…

7 Icetide 1409 WR – Wodanstor

Session 13
Rising Threats

25 Snowfall 1409 WR – Nordugar

With winter snow blanketing the Untamed Forest, our heroes once again seek adventure in its depths, heading out investigate rumors of various monsters and odd happenings.  Their first stop, a supposedly simple mission to reopen the iron mines near Hjalltor, clearing out any monsters they may be nesting there.  Wandering through the Iron Hills, an ettin, and a band of grimlocks are swiftly dispatched, and numerous mines cleared for work by the miners dwelling nearby.

It is in the final mine however, that they come across a mystery.  A stone sarcophagus, guarded by an earth element, but its warding magic broken, showing signs of tampering.  Odd stone statues, and dire warnings of curses scrawled amongst abandoned rooms.  And finally, inscribed on the sarcophagus itself, a cryptic passage, a prayer to the gods that the Serpent and the Beast should never return to the Untamed Forest.

Leaving the mine, the party decides to make their way on a rumor brought forth by their newest member, Feren, headed to the peak of Wodanstor…

2 Icetide 1409 WR

Interlude 2

17 Snowfall 1409 WR

Making their way north from Nordugar to the village of Waldhelm, the party investigates the mysterious disappearance of children every generation from when the winter sets in.  Finding the villagers up in arms about the loss, the party is quick to make the connection with misbehavior amongst the abducted children.  Questioning the oldest members of the village, they learn a legend of a fey spirit called the Krampus, which takes away bad children in return for the village's prosperity.

Determined to mete out justice, the party engages the beast as it arrives for its nightly abduction and then tracks it back to its lair, battling past the frozen corpses of its previous victims in their wicker cages, hanging from the boughs of evergreens.  Striking quickly, the party manages to dispatch the Lord of Misrule before it can complete its foul task, freeing the captive children before they met their end and returning them home, an act which the party finds rewarded by a golden nugget found wrapped in their inn rooms the next morning.

25 Snowfall 1409 WR – Nordugar

Happy Holidays!

Interlude 1

1 Fallowing 1409 WR – Nordugar

After their victory over the Glyrfanix, the party has settled well into their positions of Thanes of Nordugar.  With their manor fully restored, the heroes spent most of Fallowing month defeating and driving away the goblin and lizardfolk stragglers remaining from the army that had besieged Nordugar.  They also assisted with rebuilding parts of the city that had been destroyed, spending time with friends new and old, and making their presence known.

Seeker Nathan, having chosen to join the party in full, has found a few like souls to make his attempt to form a new chapter of the Knights of the Dawn, and sent word back to Darksfall Fortress for official authorization.  The rest of the party has spent the time more lackadaisically, spending their wealth and enjoying their newfound fame.

Although the wizard Sigfrid Falk chose to go his own way, the party met with a fearsome fighter from the forest, a man named Feren, who has joined them for the the promise of battle and adventure.  The party now is called once more by Ubbe Jarlsblade to attend an audience, to face once again the ancient and darkest depths of the Untamed Forest…

17 Snowfall 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 12
The Glyrfanix

28 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Still recovering from the shocking assault at the Wardwend feast, the party immediately felt the need to secure the city before seeking out Mylas.  After consultation with Astrid and Ubbe, they determined that the very tunnel the goblin army had planned to use to circumvent the walls could now be turned against them.  With the guard alerted, the initial strike force was slain in the tunnel, and the rest of the goblin army continued on to the walls, unaware that their allies within the walls were defeated and their plans revealed.

Taking the opportunity to rest, the party awoke as the siege began, before racing out in the dark of night to find and stop Mylas' evil rituals before he could resurrect the Noxious Scourge and allow the ancient green dragon to once again dominate the Untamed Forest.  Taking the goblin tunnel into the woods, they tracked the evidence of the Glyrfanix and his minions to an ancient site of power, a dryad's grove deep in the forest.  There, after fighting past goblins and lizardfolk guards, and finally bringing an end to the dragonborn champion Jurax, they found the horrific scene.

In the center of the grove, shrouded by magic, and surrounded by the blood and cold iron bound forms of five dryads, Mylas, The Glyrfanix, recited the ritual of reincarnation, seeking to return the spirit of the dragon to the Prime Material.  Slaying the cultist guards, the party raced to interrupt the ritual, and as arcane forces bucked the grove and lightning split the sky, they broke at last the ritual circle.  The energy backlash blasted outwards as the ritual took only partial form, bringing the spirit of the dragon back in far weaker form that his original glory.  Our heroes battled the Noxious Scourge amongst the groaning trees, and in the depth of night, consigned the evil spirit back to realms of the dead.

Their return to Nordugar was met by celebration, a joyous account of a goblin siege broken, a dire threat ended, and a Jarldom saved.  Named full Thanes and rewarded richly in gold, the party returned to their new home, and looked forward to the next adventure looming ahead…

1 Fallowing 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 11

27 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Recovering from their victory over the abominations within deMorteval Manor, the party took the opportunity to sell their spoils, repair the manor, and work with the city guard to shore up the defenses of Nordugar against the threat posed by the Glyrfanix and his goblins and fanatic cult followers.  Getting some sleep, the party awoke to a chill Wardwend morning.  The town of Nordugar was preparing for a somewhat subdued festival, but the party had bigger plans – a feast held by the Jarl in an effort to foster peace between the religious factions.

Arriving to the feast, the party found the party largely segregated by religious affiliation, with both Astrid and Mylas surly and uncooperative, and Mylas in particular seeming distracted.  The Jarl, still weak from what was now almost guaranteed to be intentional poisoning, was unable to do much, and his champion did not seem to be having any success mediating.  The party attempted to lighten the mood as best they could, with conversation with the other Thanes and the involved parties, but by the time the main course was served, little progress had been made.

Then – the Sons of the Eight arrived.  Bursting through the doors and overpowering the guards, the fanatic cultists rapidly moved to slay everyone in the feast hall.  Unfortunately for them, our heroes leapt into the fray.  As the battle raged, more cultists attacked, culminating in the arrival of a deadly adversary – Gunnar - and his brutish secret weapon.  A forest troll, its body scarred and twisted by experimentation and surgery, its skin grafted with the scales of a dragon and claws reinforced with adamantine.  The massive creature rapidly slew the first defenders to meet it, and a bloodbath broke out in the hall as the Jarl's last line of defense struggled with the attackers.  In the midst of this, Mylas Elfsson revealed his true colors, poisoning the Jarl and blasting his champion to the ground as he escaped with his prize, the last scale of the ancient green dragon.

With Mylas escaping, the party hurled themselves at their attackers, and despite grievous wounds, they managed to defeat the cultists and Gunnar, leaving only the Dragon Troll rampaging.  Focusing their attacks, the party drove the beast back, as it clawed and sent plumes of toxic gas at them.  Finally, axe, bow, and spell persevered and the creature dissolved into toxic sludge and vapor, and the party paused to take stock, recover, and make plans against the true foe – Mylas Elfsson – The Glyrfanix…

28 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 10
The Horror of deMorteval Manor

26 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Fighting their way past animated armor and the deathly air about the house of the necromancer Simon deMorteval, the party forced their way into the foul mage's study – encountering Simon along with his pack of pet ghouls.  In a short, but furious battle between the dead and the living, the party drove Simon back and finally slew him in his bedchamber, after hacking past ghouls, skeletons, and his own dark battle magic.  But the ordeal was not over yet, as with his final breath, Simon swore that his "Monster" would avenge him.

Seeking this supposed evil our heroes rapidly cleared the upper floors, although a final magical trap left in the great room animating the necromancer's possessions nearly claimed the life of the cleric Nathan Bram.  Finally descending to the basement, the laboratory of deMorteval was discovered, and evidence of his heinous crimes and experiments abounded.  Finally, chained in its fury, the party came face to face with the monster, a dreaded flesh golem.  But the party was not disheartened and using pyromancy, brute strength, and a bit of greased up wrestling, they were able to pin the monster in the arcane flames until it burned away to ash.  Now emerging into the dark night and the rush of the town guard, the party seeks to recuperate, and, now that they have proven themselves worthy, taking their place as Thanes of Nordugar.

26/27 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 9
The Knights of the Dawn

25 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

After their attempted pursuit of Jurax, the dragonborn champion who slew Sidalas, failed to turn up any leads – the party retired to the inns to rest and recuperate from their own injuries.  Once there, Bannoruf recieved word from his homeland, and left the party to fulfill some personal quest of his own.  The next morning, still figuring out their move after losing two of their number, the party went to speak to Ubbe Jarlsblade, hoping to identify somewhere Jurax might have gone to ground.  However, they found he was already in session, speaking to a trio of the Knights of the Dawn on the hunt for Simon deMorteval, suspected necromancer and wanted fugitive in Dulquis – although he had been assumed slain.  The leader of the trio, Isabelle, assigned one of her members, the Seeker Nathan Bram to researching if this was the same Simon, and the party soon found common ground with the young cleric, and many of their suspicions seemingly fulfilled.

Leaving watchers on Simon's home, the party first checked the two most promising places Jurax might have fled, one abandoned, but with a secret entrance seemingly used recently.  The second was indeed the home of the one of the Sons of Eight, and a little "diplomacy" revealed the existence of a tunnel under Nordugar's walls – that led into the forest, and to evidence that an army of goblins, trolls, and other creatures may be massing to attack Nordugar at the Glyrfanix's command.

With this information, the party hurriedly resolved to secure the city from attack within, and despite some remaining misgivings, went to confront Simon deMorteval.  Once there however, they found that the Knights of the Dawn had been attacked and defeated by some monstrosity, and Nathan joined the party as they stormed the front doors.  Slaying the ghast servant Yvor, and fighting past zombies and animated suits of armor, the party continues to clear the mansion, seeking to put an end to the sinister machinations of the dread doctor…

26 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 8.5
Don't Split the Party

24 Harvest 1409 WR – The Temple of Ivy

The party dragged their captive back to Nordugar, hoping for Ubbe's aid in interrogating the dragonborn champion.  Upon arrival, they learned that Ubbe was not in the Keep – currently inspecting the City Guard.  The party then split up – Sigfrid and Grakkar informing Mylas of everything they had learned thus far, and inquiring about his own experiences at the Temple.  Dobromil, Sididrach, and Bannoruf briefly met with Simon deMorteval where they hoped Bannoruf could explain the malady and they could gauge the good doctor.  They did not learn much, as Simon was unwilling to wait for the rest of the party and excused himself.

Unfortunately, while everyone else was about the city, Jurax slipped his bonds and effected his escape, using his poisonous breath and fearsome combat ability to kill Sidalas and a group of the Jarl's guards, before riding off into the city, his trail lost before the rest of the party could locate him.

25 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar


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