The Untamed Forest

Session 12

The Glyrfanix

28 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Still recovering from the shocking assault at the Wardwend feast, the party immediately felt the need to secure the city before seeking out Mylas.  After consultation with Astrid and Ubbe, they determined that the very tunnel the goblin army had planned to use to circumvent the walls could now be turned against them.  With the guard alerted, the initial strike force was slain in the tunnel, and the rest of the goblin army continued on to the walls, unaware that their allies within the walls were defeated and their plans revealed.

Taking the opportunity to rest, the party awoke as the siege began, before racing out in the dark of night to find and stop Mylas' evil rituals before he could resurrect the Noxious Scourge and allow the ancient green dragon to once again dominate the Untamed Forest.  Taking the goblin tunnel into the woods, they tracked the evidence of the Glyrfanix and his minions to an ancient site of power, a dryad's grove deep in the forest.  There, after fighting past goblins and lizardfolk guards, and finally bringing an end to the dragonborn champion Jurax, they found the horrific scene.

In the center of the grove, shrouded by magic, and surrounded by the blood and cold iron bound forms of five dryads, Mylas, The Glyrfanix, recited the ritual of reincarnation, seeking to return the spirit of the dragon to the Prime Material.  Slaying the cultist guards, the party raced to interrupt the ritual, and as arcane forces bucked the grove and lightning split the sky, they broke at last the ritual circle.  The energy backlash blasted outwards as the ritual took only partial form, bringing the spirit of the dragon back in far weaker form that his original glory.  Our heroes battled the Noxious Scourge amongst the groaning trees, and in the depth of night, consigned the evil spirit back to realms of the dead.

Their return to Nordugar was met by celebration, a joyous account of a goblin siege broken, a dire threat ended, and a Jarldom saved.  Named full Thanes and rewarded richly in gold, the party returned to their new home, and looked forward to the next adventure looming ahead…

1 Fallowing 1409 WR – Nordugar



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