The Untamed Forest

Session 8.5

Don't Split the Party

24 Harvest 1409 WR – The Temple of Ivy

The party dragged their captive back to Nordugar, hoping for Ubbe's aid in interrogating the dragonborn champion.  Upon arrival, they learned that Ubbe was not in the Keep – currently inspecting the City Guard.  The party then split up – Sigfrid and Grakkar informing Mylas of everything they had learned thus far, and inquiring about his own experiences at the Temple.  Dobromil, Sididrach, and Bannoruf briefly met with Simon deMorteval where they hoped Bannoruf could explain the malady and they could gauge the good doctor.  They did not learn much, as Simon was unwilling to wait for the rest of the party and excused himself.

Unfortunately, while everyone else was about the city, Jurax slipped his bonds and effected his escape, using his poisonous breath and fearsome combat ability to kill Sidalas and a group of the Jarl's guards, before riding off into the city, his trail lost before the rest of the party could locate him.

25 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar



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