The Untamed Forest

Session 9

The Knights of the Dawn

25 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

After their attempted pursuit of Jurax, the dragonborn champion who slew Sidalas, failed to turn up any leads – the party retired to the inns to rest and recuperate from their own injuries.  Once there, Bannoruf recieved word from his homeland, and left the party to fulfill some personal quest of his own.  The next morning, still figuring out their move after losing two of their number, the party went to speak to Ubbe Jarlsblade, hoping to identify somewhere Jurax might have gone to ground.  However, they found he was already in session, speaking to a trio of the Knights of the Dawn on the hunt for Simon deMorteval, suspected necromancer and wanted fugitive in Dulquis – although he had been assumed slain.  The leader of the trio, Isabelle, assigned one of her members, the Seeker Nathan Bram to researching if this was the same Simon, and the party soon found common ground with the young cleric, and many of their suspicions seemingly fulfilled.

Leaving watchers on Simon's home, the party first checked the two most promising places Jurax might have fled, one abandoned, but with a secret entrance seemingly used recently.  The second was indeed the home of the one of the Sons of Eight, and a little "diplomacy" revealed the existence of a tunnel under Nordugar's walls – that led into the forest, and to evidence that an army of goblins, trolls, and other creatures may be massing to attack Nordugar at the Glyrfanix's command.

With this information, the party hurriedly resolved to secure the city from attack within, and despite some remaining misgivings, went to confront Simon deMorteval.  Once there however, they found that the Knights of the Dawn had been attacked and defeated by some monstrosity, and Nathan joined the party as they stormed the front doors.  Slaying the ghast servant Yvor, and fighting past zombies and animated suits of armor, the party continues to clear the mansion, seeking to put an end to the sinister machinations of the dread doctor…

26 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar



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