The Untamed Forest

Campaign Start

It is the Year 1409 by the Westron Reckoning, just over a century since the Year Without Summer.  Much has changed in the world of Allaran with the past century, and the strength of magic is waning, but many still see the opportunity for power and wealth to be had in the secret, arcane places of the world.

Fifty years ago, Jarl Hakon of Nordugar converted to the faith of the Twins, a move not always popular with either his neighbors or his people.  Yet, now Nordugar is the first city of the Untamed North to be protected by stout stone walls, and the forest has been cleared back enough for ample farmland.  Hakon's son Ivar is now Jarl, a man of advancing age, with many worries at his feet.  For while the forest may yield for a time, the lands of the North will not be easily brought to heel.  Thus Ivar has sent out a call for brave and stalwart souls to explore and settle the dark forest.

 To find the ancient treasures and bring them forth.  

To battle the darkness that still dwells in the depths…

Welcome…to the Untamed Forest.

Session 1
The Jarl's Offer

10 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Having arrived in Nordugar from all around Lethel, our heroes began quite unheroically – lounging about in a bar.  While watching their bard perform, many of the party noticed a mob forming, seemingly incited against a sermon being given by Vali Godstongue, the High Druid of the Powers.  While some chose to follow the mob in hopes of learning more, others chose to remain behind, or seek new lodgings.   Despite the tension however, the riot was prematurely ended by a mysterious horn blast.

The following morning, the party assembled before Jarl Ivar, who charged them with subduing the forest, and formed a group to increase their chances of survival in the dark woods.  Travelling to an ancient ruin known of by some of their number, the party encountered a group of vicious goblins looting the elven tombs, which had been infiltrated by necromantic magic.  Fighting their way into the deepest crypt, our heroes then battled a fearsome barbarian, serving someone called The Glyrfanix.  Although the barbarian was slain and the goblins slaughtered, the Glyrfanix's sinister plans for the forest remain as yet unknown…

11 Harvest 1409 WR – The Untamed Forest

Session 2
Shifting Priorities

11 Harvest 1409 WR – The Untamed Forest

After their defeat of the goblins and their leader, the party recovered from their battle, and then chose to explore the ancient tomb and the necromantic energy welling up beneath a statue of Mourn.  Breaking the statue free, the party determined that an underground stream below the ruin was the source of the magic, in particular, a partially destroyed corpse lying in the water.  The odd body, stitched together and with heterochromatic eyes, was a source of some consternation, but was eventually simply destroyed by the group as they hauled their loot back to Nordugar.

Arriving back in the city the next morning, the party split up to collect their rewards and follow up on their findings.  The party separately learned of a group of four heroes who had slain a green dragon nearly seventy years before, whose bodies and works seemed to be the focus of the mysterious Glyrfanix's efforts.  They also learned that Glyrfanix was an old draconic word meaning "Devoted Son".  Deciding to check the tomb of Hvitserk Ironeye, one of the heroes, they found his body desecrated, a corrosive poison gas filling his sarcophagus, and a symbol of the Powers carved in his flesh.  The defiled body incited a second riot by followers of the Twins, who rushed to the Old Grove to demand satisfaction.  The party raced to head off conflict, and despite a brief battle between the faithful of the Twins and the "Sons of the Eight" –  the fighting ended with little bloodshed.

With a promise from Mylas Elfsson, one of the local druids, to try to keep a lid on the situation, the party moved off to follow other leads.  With a tattoo on the strange corpse revealed to be from the Lumberjack's Guild, the party checked into disappearances by two guild laborers around a week previously.  Finding Ulf the Cooper suspicious, they searched his home after learning the two had vanished shortly after delivering to him.  Finding some odd monetary activity and some other strange things, the party tried to check in with his neighbors only to discover that Ulf had fled north.  Now the party has moved in pursuit, with the trail into the forest looming ahead…

12 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 3
The Dark Forest

12 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Fresh on the trail of the fleeing Ulf, the party charged into the forest in pursuit.  Despite the thick tangled trees, Bannoruf and Sidalas were able to catch and subdue the cooper, with the rest of the party soon arriving.  Having taken him captive, the party attempted to glean information, but were unable to learn much, beyond that Ulf was trying to get to an abandoned cabin.  Unfortunately, some dark sorcery was at work, preventing Ulf from speaking, and, upon further interrogation – killed him, reanimating the body as a zombie.

Although the zombie was easily dispatched, the party now feared further necromancy, and despite suspicions, decided to check out the tower of Drogorn the Silver rather than return to town.  That night, camping in the forest, a wisplight led Caleryn to an odd sight.  When other party members arrived, they discovered that the Sons of the Eight, seemingly led by Gunnar, had subdued and captured a troll, carting the still living body off to parts unknown.

Continuing to the tower in the morning, the party found the Sons and their goblin minions attempting a ritual in the ruins.  After a short, ferocious battle, the foes were slain – save for Toe Eater, a goblin warrior who happily shared his information to save his own scrawny hide.  The goblin told you of his King, Teartooth, and how Teartooth served the "Master" who would return the "Great Green God" to kill the humans and give the goblins dominion over the forest.  He also told you that the goblins had attacked and presumably seized the dwarf hall in the western forest.

As the party made ready to depart, Dobromil attempted to test the ritual the Sons had been trying, transporting the entire party to an intact wizard's tower…within the dark forest of the Plane of Shadow…


13 Harvest 1409 WR – The Plane of Shadow

Session 4
The Tower in Shade

13 Harvest 1409 WR – The Plane of Shadow

Finding themselves before an ancient mage tower within the Plane of Shadow, the party began exploring the structure.  Making their way upwards, the party first battled through a group of ancient dragonborn skeletons, before studying a number of statues of the heroic adventurers who had defeated the green dragon many years before.  Of particular interest was a fifth statue, of an apparently forgotten (purposely or not) adventurer, who the party resolved to investigate further.

Continuing through Drogorn the Silver's living quarters and library, the party learned that Drogorn was seeking a traitorous apprentice named Ulryk, and had apparently brought some doom upon the tower in so seeking.  Shadows assailed them in the library but were driven off, although the party needed rest afterwards.  Then coming to a strange chamber, the party solved a magical puzzle to gain entry to the most glaring evidence that not all was as it seemed with the Tower in Shade.  A bound horned devil apparently traded with Dobromil, providing something in return for its freedom, even as the rest of the party made their way to the roof of the tower.  There, they faced the revenant spirit of Drogorn, intent of destroying the party for some unknown reason.

Leaving the tower with loot in hand via a strange amulet, the party returned to Nordugar, where one of their number, the bard Caleryn, apparently trying to abscond with the party's goblin captive, was defeated and captured by his former friends.  Dragged before the Jarl's retainers, the goblin was slain, and Caleryn imprisoned, as the party contemplated their next moves…


15 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 5
The Road to Hjalltor

15 Harvest 1409 WR-  Nordugar

After recovering from the loss of Caleryn, the party settled in to do some shopping and research in the tension filled city of Nordugar.  Speaking to Althaea about her ancestor, they learned that he may indeed have been an adventurer who helped in slaying the The Noxious Scourge who terrorized the forest eighty years before.  Anastatius Fulvius was a Lystrean merchant, with strong ties to Vali Godstongue and the Old Grove, and also possessed a scale of the green dragon, one which the party urged Althaea and her brother Hypatius to secure, since it appears that the Sons of the Eight are seeking the scales for their mysterious master.

Spending a few days about town, shopping and planning, the party eventually resolved to check on the dwarf halls to the west, near the village of Hjalltor.  Seemingly overrun by goblins, the halls were supposed to be the home of Khol Stonebeard, who almost certainly also held one of the scales of the great green wyrm.  Setting off on the road, the party passed a grisly scarecrow and eventually made their way to the rocky outcrop housing the beseiged village of Hjalltor.  The surviving villagers informed the party that an army of goblins had recently attacked, and had indeed infested the dwarven hold nearby.  Resolving to deal with this threat, the party, after a rest, made their way toward the halls, fighting off an ambush of goblinoids before pressing into the dark forest once again…

19 Harvest 1409 WR – The Untamed Forest, near Hjalltor and Khol's Hall.

Session 6
Goblins in the Hall

19 Harvest 1409 WR – The Untamed Forest, near Hjalltor and Khol's Hall

Pressing into the forest from Hjalltor, the party followed an old footpath til they arrived at a cave entrance that masked the entrance to Khol's Hall.  Attacking the goblin sentries, the party were surprised by a stealthy Son of the Eight, using his longbow to harass the party before attempting to raise the alarm.  Luckily for our heroes they were able to prevent most of the goblins from escaping, although it seemed at least some alarm was raised amongst the clan.  Fighting through the guards and goblin dogs near the front of the fallen halls, the party came across much evidence of some horrific calamity that befell the dwarves who once dwelt here.

Massive rends in the stone walls, hacked and eaten bodies, and the goblins infesting the corridors all pointed to a grisly fate for all the dwarves, and the likely loss of any heirloom of Khol's that the Glyrfanix might be seeking.  Finally engaging the goblin king, Teartooth, and his guards in the old great hall, the party was drawn into an epic battle, with the goblin king savaging many of the party with his battleaxe, and his shaman providing support spells which greatly increased his threat.  In addition, a particularly hardy bugbear and numerous goblin archers harassed and contained the party, but, in the end, the heroes cut through the goblins and their handler, and claimed the king's head for their prize.

Gathering loot from the hall, the party found an imprisoned and tortured dwarf, who was able to confirm that a robed and apparently bestially strong figure led the attack and took Khol's ring, bearing a green dragon scale from The Noxious Scourge.  He was also able to give them what he knew of the dragon's first defeat (not much) and agreed to inform the Jarl of what had happened.  Returning to Nordugar after resting, the party arrived and went to meet with Ubbe, who heard them out and confirmed that the Jarl was still suffereing from his mysterious ailment.  Bannoruf was able to see the Jarl, where he found that the same magical illness had struck both the Jarl and Vali Godstongue (as well as – according to Ubbe – Seeker Quellion of the Twins), an illness that appears to mimic the virulent toxin of a green dragon.  Armed with this new information, and an invitation to a Wardwend feast to attempt to broker peace in Nordugar, the party plans their next moves…

22 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Session 7
Visions in Time

22 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

After completing their talk with Ubbe Jarlsblade, the party returned to their inn to rest and recuperate, before deciding to follow up on the other strange illnesses afflicting prominent figures in town.  After a brief interlude at the Cathedral and the Old Grove, the party was able to confirm that Jarl Ivar, Vali Godstongue, and Seeker Quellion are all suffering from a magically inflicted form of green dragon toxin.  With this information, the party left the town authorities working on a cure, and learned that all afflicted had been tended by Doctor Simon deMorteval.

Leaving this behind, the party went seeking Mylas Elfsson, apparently taking a short pilgrimage to a ruined nearby Temple of the Powers.  Traveling to the swamp east of Nordugar, the party stopped for the night in a small village nestled amongst the trees, a few short hours from the Temple.  Immediately suspicious, the party determined that this was a village unstuck in time, nestled during the reign of the Noxious Scourge.  Staying in the local watering hole, run by Jak and Ciri – the party awoke in the devastated ruins.  Pulling themselves free of the collapsed loft, they searched the overgrown remains of the village, finding an old ring, and signs of an ancient disaster.  Finally, in the well, they were assaulted by the vengeful ghost of Jak, before a terrible necromantic altar, binding dark magic to the well water and the village itself.  Victorious, the party then ascended the rocky hill overlooking the swamp – towards the dark ruins of the Temple of Ivy…

24 Harvest 1409 WR – The Temple of Ivy

Session 8
The Temple of Ivy

24 Harvest 1409 WR – The Temple of Ivy

Leaving Dobromil to guard their entrance, the party breached the temple gates in a sudden assault on the group of lizardmen holding the main room.  Hacking their way through the lizardfolk warriors and their shaman, the party briefly investigated the ancient Temple of the Powers before setting off to explore the rest of the small complex.  In doing so, they came to battle with Jurax, a dragonborn champion, along with a Son of the Eight and their ogre pet, Roodjunk.  After a fierce fight where the dragonborn proved himself a dangerous foe, our heroes prevailed, taking Jurax captive and claiming his gear.  They also located the body of a hunter and overheard talk of the lizardfolk being present hunting some unspecified prey.  Finding no sign of Mylas, the rest of the Temple was searched, and after a brief fight with some other stragglers, the party resolved to head back to Nordugar with their loot and prisoner.

24 Harvest 1409 – The Temple of Ivy

Session 8.5
Don't Split the Party

24 Harvest 1409 WR – The Temple of Ivy

The party dragged their captive back to Nordugar, hoping for Ubbe's aid in interrogating the dragonborn champion.  Upon arrival, they learned that Ubbe was not in the Keep – currently inspecting the City Guard.  The party then split up – Sigfrid and Grakkar informing Mylas of everything they had learned thus far, and inquiring about his own experiences at the Temple.  Dobromil, Sididrach, and Bannoruf briefly met with Simon deMorteval where they hoped Bannoruf could explain the malady and they could gauge the good doctor.  They did not learn much, as Simon was unwilling to wait for the rest of the party and excused himself.

Unfortunately, while everyone else was about the city, Jurax slipped his bonds and effected his escape, using his poisonous breath and fearsome combat ability to kill Sidalas and a group of the Jarl's guards, before riding off into the city, his trail lost before the rest of the party could locate him.

25 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar


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