It is the Year 1409 by the Westron Reckoning, just over a century since the Year Without Summer.  Much has changed in the world of Allaran with the past century, and the strength of magic is waning, but many still see the opportunity for power and wealth to be had in the secret, arcane places of the world.

Fifty years ago, Jarl Hakon of Nordugar converted to the faith of the Twins, a move not always popular with either his neighbors or his people.  Yet, now Nordugar is the first city of the Untamed North to be protected by stout stone walls, and the forest has been cleared back enough for ample farmland.  Hakon's son Ivar is now Jarl, a man of advancing age, with many worries at his feet.  For while the forest may yield for a time, the lands of the North will not be easily brought to heel.  Thus Ivar has sent out a call for brave and stalwart souls to explore and settle the dark forest.

 To find the ancient treasures and bring them forth.  

To battle the darkness that still dwells in the depths…

Welcome…to the Untamed Forest.

The Untamed Forest

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