The Untamed Forest

Session 10

The Horror of deMorteval Manor

26 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Fighting their way past animated armor and the deathly air about the house of the necromancer Simon deMorteval, the party forced their way into the foul mage's study – encountering Simon along with his pack of pet ghouls.  In a short, but furious battle between the dead and the living, the party drove Simon back and finally slew him in his bedchamber, after hacking past ghouls, skeletons, and his own dark battle magic.  But the ordeal was not over yet, as with his final breath, Simon swore that his "Monster" would avenge him.

Seeking this supposed evil our heroes rapidly cleared the upper floors, although a final magical trap left in the great room animating the necromancer's possessions nearly claimed the life of the cleric Nathan Bram.  Finally descending to the basement, the laboratory of deMorteval was discovered, and evidence of his heinous crimes and experiments abounded.  Finally, chained in its fury, the party came face to face with the monster, a dreaded flesh golem.  But the party was not disheartened and using pyromancy, brute strength, and a bit of greased up wrestling, they were able to pin the monster in the arcane flames until it burned away to ash.  Now emerging into the dark night and the rush of the town guard, the party seeks to recuperate, and, now that they have proven themselves worthy, taking their place as Thanes of Nordugar.

26/27 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar



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