The Untamed Forest

Session 11


27 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar

Recovering from their victory over the abominations within deMorteval Manor, the party took the opportunity to sell their spoils, repair the manor, and work with the city guard to shore up the defenses of Nordugar against the threat posed by the Glyrfanix and his goblins and fanatic cult followers.  Getting some sleep, the party awoke to a chill Wardwend morning.  The town of Nordugar was preparing for a somewhat subdued festival, but the party had bigger plans – a feast held by the Jarl in an effort to foster peace between the religious factions.

Arriving to the feast, the party found the party largely segregated by religious affiliation, with both Astrid and Mylas surly and uncooperative, and Mylas in particular seeming distracted.  The Jarl, still weak from what was now almost guaranteed to be intentional poisoning, was unable to do much, and his champion did not seem to be having any success mediating.  The party attempted to lighten the mood as best they could, with conversation with the other Thanes and the involved parties, but by the time the main course was served, little progress had been made.

Then – the Sons of the Eight arrived.  Bursting through the doors and overpowering the guards, the fanatic cultists rapidly moved to slay everyone in the feast hall.  Unfortunately for them, our heroes leapt into the fray.  As the battle raged, more cultists attacked, culminating in the arrival of a deadly adversary – Gunnar - and his brutish secret weapon.  A forest troll, its body scarred and twisted by experimentation and surgery, its skin grafted with the scales of a dragon and claws reinforced with adamantine.  The massive creature rapidly slew the first defenders to meet it, and a bloodbath broke out in the hall as the Jarl's last line of defense struggled with the attackers.  In the midst of this, Mylas Elfsson revealed his true colors, poisoning the Jarl and blasting his champion to the ground as he escaped with his prize, the last scale of the ancient green dragon.

With Mylas escaping, the party hurled themselves at their attackers, and despite grievous wounds, they managed to defeat the cultists and Gunnar, leaving only the Dragon Troll rampaging.  Focusing their attacks, the party drove the beast back, as it clawed and sent plumes of toxic gas at them.  Finally, axe, bow, and spell persevered and the creature dissolved into toxic sludge and vapor, and the party paused to take stock, recover, and make plans against the true foe – Mylas Elfsson – The Glyrfanix…

28 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar



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