The Untamed Forest

Session 4

The Tower in Shade

13 Harvest 1409 WR – The Plane of Shadow

Finding themselves before an ancient mage tower within the Plane of Shadow, the party began exploring the structure.  Making their way upwards, the party first battled through a group of ancient dragonborn skeletons, before studying a number of statues of the heroic adventurers who had defeated the green dragon many years before.  Of particular interest was a fifth statue, of an apparently forgotten (purposely or not) adventurer, who the party resolved to investigate further.

Continuing through Drogorn the Silver's living quarters and library, the party learned that Drogorn was seeking a traitorous apprentice named Ulryk, and had apparently brought some doom upon the tower in so seeking.  Shadows assailed them in the library but were driven off, although the party needed rest afterwards.  Then coming to a strange chamber, the party solved a magical puzzle to gain entry to the most glaring evidence that not all was as it seemed with the Tower in Shade.  A bound horned devil apparently traded with Dobromil, providing something in return for its freedom, even as the rest of the party made their way to the roof of the tower.  There, they faced the revenant spirit of Drogorn, intent of destroying the party for some unknown reason.

Leaving the tower with loot in hand via a strange amulet, the party returned to Nordugar, where one of their number, the bard Caleryn, apparently trying to abscond with the party's goblin captive, was defeated and captured by his former friends.  Dragged before the Jarl's retainers, the goblin was slain, and Caleryn imprisoned, as the party contemplated their next moves…


15 Harvest 1409 WR – Nordugar



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