The Untamed Forest

Session 5

The Road to Hjalltor

15 Harvest 1409 WR-  Nordugar

After recovering from the loss of Caleryn, the party settled in to do some shopping and research in the tension filled city of Nordugar.  Speaking to Althaea about her ancestor, they learned that he may indeed have been an adventurer who helped in slaying the The Noxious Scourge who terrorized the forest eighty years before.  Anastatius Fulvius was a Lystrean merchant, with strong ties to Vali Godstongue and the Old Grove, and also possessed a scale of the green dragon, one which the party urged Althaea and her brother Hypatius to secure, since it appears that the Sons of the Eight are seeking the scales for their mysterious master.

Spending a few days about town, shopping and planning, the party eventually resolved to check on the dwarf halls to the west, near the village of Hjalltor.  Seemingly overrun by goblins, the halls were supposed to be the home of Khol Stonebeard, who almost certainly also held one of the scales of the great green wyrm.  Setting off on the road, the party passed a grisly scarecrow and eventually made their way to the rocky outcrop housing the beseiged village of Hjalltor.  The surviving villagers informed the party that an army of goblins had recently attacked, and had indeed infested the dwarven hold nearby.  Resolving to deal with this threat, the party, after a rest, made their way toward the halls, fighting off an ambush of goblinoids before pressing into the dark forest once again…

19 Harvest 1409 WR – The Untamed Forest, near Hjalltor and Khol's Hall.



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