The Untamed Forest

Interlude 2


17 Snowfall 1409 WR

Making their way north from Nordugar to the village of Waldhelm, the party investigates the mysterious disappearance of children every generation from when the winter sets in.  Finding the villagers up in arms about the loss, the party is quick to make the connection with misbehavior amongst the abducted children.  Questioning the oldest members of the village, they learn a legend of a fey spirit called the Krampus, which takes away bad children in return for the village's prosperity.

Determined to mete out justice, the party engages the beast as it arrives for its nightly abduction and then tracks it back to its lair, battling past the frozen corpses of its previous victims in their wicker cages, hanging from the boughs of evergreens.  Striking quickly, the party manages to dispatch the Lord of Misrule before it can complete its foul task, freeing the captive children before they met their end and returning them home, an act which the party finds rewarded by a golden nugget found wrapped in their inn rooms the next morning.

25 Snowfall 1409 WR – Nordugar

Happy Holidays!



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