The Untamed Forest

Session 13

Rising Threats

25 Snowfall 1409 WR – Nordugar

With winter snow blanketing the Untamed Forest, our heroes once again seek adventure in its depths, heading out investigate rumors of various monsters and odd happenings.  Their first stop, a supposedly simple mission to reopen the iron mines near Hjalltor, clearing out any monsters they may be nesting there.  Wandering through the Iron Hills, an ettin, and a band of grimlocks are swiftly dispatched, and numerous mines cleared for work by the miners dwelling nearby.

It is in the final mine however, that they come across a mystery.  A stone sarcophagus, guarded by an earth element, but its warding magic broken, showing signs of tampering.  Odd stone statues, and dire warnings of curses scrawled amongst abandoned rooms.  And finally, inscribed on the sarcophagus itself, a cryptic passage, a prayer to the gods that the Serpent and the Beast should never return to the Untamed Forest.

Leaving the mine, the party decides to make their way on a rumor brought forth by their newest member, Feren, headed to the peak of Wodanstor…

2 Icetide 1409 WR



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