The Untamed Forest

Session 14


2 Icetide 1409 WR – Nordugar

Passing through the village of Urstead on the way to Wodanstor, the party finds the village has a number of odd traditions and that the people seem to have a great deal in common with the Lystreans than true Northmen would generally find in good taste.  Still, the evidence they find here of the presence long ago of the hero Camus Ur indicates to Feren they are on the right track for his quest and so the party elects to make for Wodanstor with haste.

Battling through the stony hills, our heroes deal with a band of harpies before making the climb to the shrine atop the mountain.  Once there, they find the icy precipice inhabited by a nubile priestess named Euryale, who takes them in, and seems to take an immediate liking to Grakkar, seducing the half-orc barbarian.

While Grakkar is indisposed, the rest of the party discusses their next moves and investigates the shrine, finding evidence of a dungeon beneath it.  Not entirely trusting of Euryale, their suspicions deepen when they find potions and unsavory magical ingredients in the shrine.  ANd finally, as Euryale departs to the cold winter night in the nude causes all to doubt whether she is even human.

With the half-orc back, the party then makes their way into the dungeons, and the monstrous guardians that await them…

7 Icetide 1409 WR – Wodanstor



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