The Untamed Forest

Session 15

The Game!

7 Icetide 1409 WR – Wodanstor

In the dungeons below Wodanstor, the party finds themselves engaged in an odd sort of deathmatch being waged between the forces of the undead and beastmen.  Slaying wights, goatfolk, and minotaurs, the party finds ample evidence of Lenetian/Lystrean influence in the crypts, and that some sort of deadly performance has been taking place here for some time.

Using keys taken from the leaders of the factions, the party finds the creature orchestrating the odd game, a deadly spirit naga, which unleashes dark magic and sets its minions on the party.  Although the creature proves wilier than expected, the party is able to effectively lock down the creature and behead it in short order, claiming its vast treasure hoard.  Amongst this hoard is the treasure Feren has sought, an amulet which will lead him to the legendary lost blade Aurum, the sword of the ancient kings of Lenetia.  But not all is well, as the next piece of the sword appears to be in handy of the insidious drow.

Returning to Nordugar to plan, leaving Euryale behind – to Grakkar's sorrow - the party takes some time to kill a hydra threatening outlying farms, and decide to check out rumors of fatal accidents taking place to the south, where the forest itself seems to be rising in anger…

14 Icetide 1409 WR – Nordugar



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