The World of Allaran




Al’areis’tor (The High Place of the Stars)

Al’areis’tor (commonly: Areistor) is a high elven kingdom situated among the high peaks of the Spinerims. Areistor is one of the last major centers of elven culture and learning; it is renowned for art and repositories of magic although few other than the elves have ever set foot inside. Areistor frequently sends out mages and warriors to recover lost elven artifacts and bring them back to the seat of elven power in the west.

Major City: Areistor

Common Races: Elf (High)

Major Religion: The Powers


Arvaine (The Kingdom of Arvaine)

Arvaine was once the southernmost province of Galian and it is from their royal line that the deposed kings of Galian came. Allied with the Witch-Priestess of Suhl and the Mages of Mora, the Kings of Arvaine have long sought to reclaim their throne in Galian keeping relations smoldering for centuries.  After the Winter War with Galian, Arvaine is on the rise, reclaiming the cities of the Margreve and the border fortress of Thundershield.  The current monarch, King Karl IV, is an old man, and a weaker ruler than his mother and grandfather, and Arvaine’s fortunes may once again be turning.  Galian has rebuilt their armies under the new High Chancellor, and war is once again brewing along the Thunder Fens.

Major Cities: Arvel, Mora, Theramon

Common Races: Human (Westron), Orc, Half-Orc, Dwarf (Sea), Halfling, Dragonborn

Major Religion: The Twins


Berrivar (The Kingdom of Berrivar)

Berrivar is the oldest of the kingdoms that border the Kalistar, and developed a long and brutal rivalry with the fierce horsemen. In recent years, the marriage of Princess Caitrin to Atul Khagan and the founding of Trianna has warmed relations.  With the Kal settling down, Berrivar finds itself at a crossroads, still beset by the traditionalist tribes, but with new allies and the new threat of a revanchist Galian to the south.  King William II has recently formed a very public alliance with the Grand Duke of Dulquis in an effort to safeguard his southern border, and hopes his relationship with the Khagana of Trianna will provide him with resolute allies in defense of his homeland.

Major Cities: Rivercastle, Arbor, Fartower

Common Races: Human (Westron, Kal), Elf (Sylvan), Halfling, Half-elf

Major Religion: The Twins


Dulquis (The Grand Duchy of Dulquis)

Dulquis is a small yet important nation that sits on the narrow plain between the southern edge of the Worldspine Mountains and the sea dividing the west from Lystrea. Dulquis’ eastern border is protected by treaty and the threat of angering the orc tribes that dwell in the mountain foothills stretching to the sea. The west is watched by the citadel of the Knights of the Dawn. Dulquis is a peaceful land that has grown prosperous on the trade that flows between east and west, but has recently found itself in alliance with Berrivar, as the other nations of the west seek to confront the expansionist Galian.

Major Cities: Meusel, Nylis

Common Races: Human (Westron and Lystrean), Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Dwarf

Major Religion: The Twins


El’es’tirian (The City of the Divine Tree)

El’es’tirian (commonly: Tirian), is an elven state built around the major sacred site of Life in the forests north of Lystrea. Primarily inhabited by high elves, although its outlying villages are largely sylvan elf, Tirian was once very isolationist, but in the past century has established close relations with the independent Sutha, and established trades ties with the Northern Lystrean Empire.  Tirian remains somewhat insular, as the elves are slow to trust the changes in Lystrea, but looks forward to a bright future.

Major City: Tirian

Common Races: Elf

Major Religion: The Powers


Galian (The Republic of Galian)

Galian is the largest of the realms west of the Worldspine Mountains and was once the only nation of Lethel to not be ruled by a monarchy. Five hundred years ago, King Karl the Mad led Galian into a bloody war with the dwarves. After his death, the people of Galian revolted and overthrew the monarchy. His young son fled to the south, establishing Arvaine. Galian came to be ruled by an elected Assembly of landholders creating the first true republic in Allaran. During the Winter War with Arvaine a century ago, Galian was defeated at the Battle of Broken Hill, and suffered its first major loss against its old foe.  Now, with Arvaine in possession of the southwestern province, the power of the Assembly has waned, and a powerful new High Chancellor, Conrad Truetower, has seized control of political and military power in Galian.  Galian has now turned expansionist, openly viewing its neighbors as possible prizes as it reclaims it preeminent position in the West.

Major Cities: Galia, Westhaven, Pharis, Rivell

Common Races: Human (Westron), Halfling, Dwarf (Mountain), Elf (Sylvan), Half-elf

Major Religion: The Twins


Hrush-a-kazakrim (Fortresshalls of the Ocean)

Hrush-a-kazakrim is the last major sea dwarven kingdom in the known world although many smaller cities still exist throughout the oceans. The great city is home to the major sacred site of Water. The Mage King of the Sea Dwarves still rules a vast stretch of ocean fighting away the sahuagin and other beasts of the deep that destroyed the rest of the once mighty aquatic empire.  For the past century, the assistance of powerful heroes and a new method of forging arcane arms and armor has allowed the Sea Dwarves to reclaim the Old City for the first time in millennia, and they once again expand, recently assisting a group of rich Westron merchants in establishing the Redwater colonies along the northwestern coast.

Major City: Hrush-a-kazakrim

Common Races: Dwarf (Sea)

Major Religion: The Powers


The Low Counties (The Confederation of the Low Counties)

The Low Counties are a series of small lordships and towns along the southern coast of Lethel. They tend to be peaceful farmers and craftsmen. What little trade exists travels mostly overland through the gap between the Spinerims and the ocean near the opening of the Arvani Plain. The Counties occupy land once held by the ancient Imasiir and Cywyl peoples who were some of the earliest human civilizations.

Major Cities: Crossway, Rordenport

Common Races: Human (Westron), Dwarf, Elf (Sylvan), Halfling

Major Religion: The Twins


Imperial Lystrea (The Northern Lystrean Empire)

Imperial Lystrea is the northern half of the old Lystrean Empire, composed of the ancient lands of Lystre, Lenetia, Jurlia, and Etrus.  Five hundred years ago, the ruler of Lystre, Marcus Verius, unleashed his armies upon the neighboring lands. For the next sixty years war raged; Marcus died and his successor Konstantine and his advisor Lyxos finished the war in a campaign known as the Days of Fire. Once highly xenophobic and insular, recent political developments have radically changed Lystrea.  In the last century, The War of the Four Emperors, won by the co-emperors Anaxios and Julian has divided the empire.  During the war, Sutha broke away completely, and the increased financial and political power of the Leukandian League has made slavery a thing of the past in the north.  Now, the first non-human citizens are putting new stress on Lystrea, and the empire seems poised to undergo yet more change, with the Konstantian Consul Lyxos actively working to bring the ancient capital under Konstantia’s control.

Major Cities: Lystre, Lenetium, Eretemii, Julios Victoria.

Common Races: Human (Lystrean), Dragonborn, Elf (Sylvan), Orc, Half-orc

Major Religion: The Imperial Pantheon, The Twins


Imperial Konstantia (The Southern Lystrean Empire)

Imperial Konstantia is the southern half of the old Lystrean Empire, composed of the ancient lands of Massili, Fieranth, and Nekhara.  Five hundred years ago, the ruler of Lystre, Marcus Verius, unleashed his armies upon the neighboring lands. For the next sixty years war raged; Marcus died and his successor Konstantine and his advisor Lyxos finished the war in a campaign known as the Days of Fire.  In the last century, The War of the Four Emperors, won by the co-emperors Anaxios and Julian has divided the empire, and the south remains the more traditional and conservative empire.  War with Calishan to the south, and the control of the increasing trade from Xinshao has made the south rich and powerful, and increased impetus to acquire slaves to drive the ever expanding economy has brought the Southern Emperor into conflict with his northern co-emperor, supported by the Leukandian League.  The Consul, Lyxos, has been encouraging the empire to reunite, and Emperor Heraclius is more than happy to oblige — by sword if necessary.

Major Cities: Konstantion, Firem, Tyraus

Common Races: Human (Lystrean), Dragonborn, other non-human races are enslaved (primarily Mountain Dwarf and Eb human)

Major Religion: The Imperial Pantheon


Murukograd (Hammerfall)

The dwarven kingdom of Hammerfall dominates the Ramshead Mountains of southeastern Lystrea. With the increasing xenophobia of their human neighbors, the dwarves have sealed their great gates. Focusing downward, they dig ever greater mines and vaulted halls deep beneath the earth which have brought them into increasing conflict with creatures that dwell in the bowels of the world.  Murukograd has recently suffered a major incursion of beastfolk into the Underhalls, and was forced to open its gate to draw support from surface mines in the Ramshead.  Unfortunately, this brought them into direct conflict with Imperial Konstantia, and bloody mountain warfare has been waged for decades over the rich resources of the region.

Major City: Murukograd (Hammerfall)

Common Races: Dwarf (Mountain), Gnome

Major Religion: The Powers


Khazorodrim (Greathalls of the Mountains)

Khazorodrim is the massive dwarven empire below the Worldspine Mountains. With many cities and a vast network of underground roads and villages, Khazorodrim dominates the center of Lethel. In the past century, Khazorodrim has seen a resurgence, with the recapture of the major sacred site of Earth at Unkhazobrozath, and the routing of the major goblin tribes at the Battle of the Span.  The mountain dwarves of Khazorodrim now find themselves unexpectedly on the brink of a golden age, despite the worrying news reaching the surface gates.  

Major Cities: Khazakrimlak (Great Kingmountain), Imkrimbar (Silverpeak), Unkhazobrozath (Deepest Stonemount)

Common Races: Dwarf (Mountain)

Major Religion: The Powers


Narrush-Okrag (Shattered Skull Crag)

Forty years ago, a powerful orc chieftain was born in the orc city of Narrush-okrag.  Blessed by the Powers, this mighty chieftain united the orc tribes in the most remote reaches of the Untamed North, and forced all who stood against him to kneel and pay tribute.  But unlike all his predecessors, this chieftain did not then squander his strength assailing the nations of the south, but turned inward, forging the disparate clans into a mighty nation of orcs and orc-kin that dominates the northern reaches of Lethel.

Major Cities: Narrush-okrag

Common Races: Orc, Half-orc

Major Religion: The Powers


The Untamed North (Lands of the Northmen)

Vast stretches of cold forest and lakes east of the Worldspine Mountains, the Untamed North is home to few areas any would call civilized. Constant warfare between human and orcish tribes, sylvan elf kingdoms, and all the perils of a truly unbroken country mean that only the hardiest venture to the dark forests in the north of the world.

Major Cities: Helberg, Nordugar

Common Races: Human (Northman), Orc, Elf (Sylvan)

Major Religion: The Twins, The Powers


Redwater (The Trade Colonies)

During the past century, the increasing tension and upheaval in Lethel led many wealthy Westrons to seek new places to make their fortune.  Finding allies amongst the resurgent sea dwarves, these pioneers found refuge amongst the protected river outlets along the northwestern Kalistar.  Inhabited sparsely by only the weakest of the khagars, these lands soon proved rich in valuable clay deposits and iron mines, providing wealth to these new colonies.  The newfound wealth of these loosely affiliated trade cities has drawn the attention of the Kal, and Redwater now finds itself spending nearly as much buying off raiders as drawing in profit.

Major Cities:  Greycliffe, Riddleport

Common Races: Human (Westron, Kal), Dwarf (Sea), Halfling

Major Religion: The Twins, The Powers


Sutha (The Kingdom of the Suts)

Sutha is the reborn ancient kingdom of the Suts.  One hundred and fifty years ago, the native Jurls and Suts, with support from the more independent Lystrean settlers and small forces of elven warriors, succeeded in waging a decade-long guerilla war finally managing to free significant portions of the their lands. After the division of the Lystrean Empire, Sutha achieved true independence, reclaiming portions of their culture, and embracing the religion of the Twins.  

Major Cities: Thulheim, Sunkeep

Common Races: Human (Northman, Lystrean), Elf, Half-elf

Major Religion: The Twins, The Powers


Trianna (Land Blessed by The Triu)

Trianna is a kingdom of two natures.  While its people are drawn from the warriors of the Atul Khagar, ever since Atul Khagan married Princess Caitrin of Berrivar thirty years ago and converted to the following of the Twins, Trianna has found itself becoming ever more civilized, and a fresh target for their enemies among the traditionalist Kal clans.  Founded to hold the rich trade routes between Berrivar, Khazorodrim, and Yuilin, Trianna now also serves as a shield for the southern realms, and a place where the Kal tribes may trade rather than plunder.  Khagana Bianka is a mighty warrior in her own right, and has taken the fealty of the closest raiding clans, giving Trianna a strong powerbase in conquering the rest of the steppe.

Major City:  Budaala

Common Races:  Human (Kal), Halfling

Major Religion: The Twins, Triu


Visrya (The Kingdom of the Vistuls)

Visrya lies in the great vale between the upper and lower Spinerims, divided from the other human lands by the imposing barrier of the high range. Once composed of the independent noble fiefs that stretch west of Berrivar and south of the Spinerims along the western coast, Visrya now has a powerful monarchy, and provides safety and markets to merchants passing north to south between Arvaine, Galian, and Redwater. Long protected from the Kalistar by the tall barrier of the Upper Spinerims and Arvaine by the Lower, Visrya was united for the first time when an intrepid Kal khagar led his warband through a mountain pass sacking numerous villages before the people of the valley united and drove them back.  Queen Yekaterina I is a strong and forceful monarch, who has built Visrya into the noble land it now is.

Major Cities: Vistka, Lievt, Magnimar

Common Races: Human (Westron), Dwarf, Elf (Sylvan)

Major Religion: The Twins


Warlin (The Grand Duchy of Warlin)

Warlin sits in the northern foothills of the Worldspine Mountains nestled between the Sea of Ice and the crags of the tall peaks. Warlin is very isolated and has almost no contact with other human nations. With their only port choked by ice much of the year, the majority of Warlin’s trade flows through the dwarves. Warlin is ruled by the descendants of a mighty sorcerer who claimed the region and drove away the beastfolk centuries before.  A century ago, Warlin was devastated by a ferocious blizzard that destroyed the crops and froze entire villages, and is only now beginning to recover, even as the powerful orc realms in the north threaten its borders.

Major City: Summerdock

Common Races: Human (Northman), Dwarf (Mountain)

Major Religion: The Twins


Yuilin (The Realm of the Smallfolk)

According to legend,Yuilin is the small vale where See first created the Halflings. Imbuing the people with their characteristic wanderlust, See ensured they would always have a sacred and protected homeland on their return. Most Halflings leave Yuilin early in their lives to find and earn their fortune only returning to Yuilin as they feel age settling in on them; they return home to raise a large family completing the cycle of life in Yuilin like the great winds of their creator blowing in spirals over the world.

Major City: None

Common Races: Halfling

Major Religion: The Powers




Ebzetec (The Jungles of Eb)

Ebzetec is a vast jungle basin north of the Magicsend Mountains. With a warm tropical land populated by strange and exotic beasts, the Eb are a superstitious and somewhat primitive people who seem to have an innate understanding and control of their homeland.  In the past century, Eb’s coastal temple-cities were conquered by Lystrea, immediately prior to the War of the Four Emperors.  In the aftermath, Imperial Konstantia administered the colonies, and began using the Eb as a source of labor in fueling their economy.  The jungle war grows bolder, and rumors speak of a new Temple City in the deep reaches, where the Eb rally to drive out the invaders; once and for all.

Major Cities: Zetihuacan (Anastasiopolis), Tlaxiala (Nova Firem), Chactun

Common Races: Human (Eb, Lystrean), Dragonborn, Orc, Half-orc

Major Religion: The Powers, The Imperial Pantheon


Emiraz (The Emirates of the Azure Coast)

Merchant city states ruled by hereditary princes called emirs, the Ishari people of the Emiraz have long worried about Lystrean ambitions south from conquered Nekharis. Numerous descendants of Nekharan refugees still live along the Azure Coast and the vast trading fleets have begun to be outfitted with the strange new gunpowder weapons emerging from the southlands. The Emiraz has benefitted greatly from its alliances with Calishan and The Theocracy, and now, Emirati pirates plague Imperial Konstantia’s trade routes through the Inner Sea, while the desert shields them from retribution from the remaining might of the Legions.

Major Cities: Merina, Cteisariz

Common Races: Human (Lystrean, Ishari, Theran, Eb)

Major Religion: The True Faith


Mer-Zilaam (The Lion of the Southlands)

Mer-Zilaam was once the preeminent kingdom south of the Magicsend Mountains occupying the entire southern coast of Theras. Mer-Zilaam was a state of glittering sorcerous towers and shining cities of marble and silver. Mer Zilaam has made some recovery, forging itself a new identity as the primary protector of the remaining Vassal States.  The Lion Prince has accepted the primacy of the Prophet, but now asserts his independence, as the second ranking Priest of the Holy Truth.

Major City: Mer Zilaam, Syr Eshuvati

Common Races: Human (Theran)

Major Religion: The True Faith


Nekhara (Autonomous Imperial Province of Nekharis)

An Imperial Lystrean province south of the Straits of Konstantine, Nekhara was the last nation conquered in the initial Unification of the Empire. Nekhara maintained much of it’s former autonomy for many decades, serving more as vassal than province, until the Return of the Sky Pharaoh and the increasing border skirmishes with Calishan forced the Emperor to act.  The death of the last Pharaoh, Khemet III, and the declaration of martial law following the Return have bound Nekhara ever tighter to the Empire.  Nervioch is now the wealthiest city in Imperial Konstantia, owing much to the bounty of the ancient tombs, yet Nekhara is pressed ever harder by the Emirati and Calishites to the south.

Major Cities: Nervioch, Sothis, Wati

Common Races: Human (Lystrean and Ishari), Dragonborn

Major Religion: The Imperial Pantheon, The True Faith


Syr-Lishaan (The Silver Sands)

Syr-Lishaan was once a fertile and prosperous kingdom named Syr Riyal with its roots in the river valleys just south of the Magicsend Mountains. At the end of the Mourning War the archmagi of Syr Riyal unleashed an epic spell in an effort to halt the invading forces of the Theocracy. Unfortunately, the unleashed magic backfired and utterly devastated the nation. Now a windswept desert land, Syr Lishaan was able to maintain independence when the gnomes of the high mountains discovered that the latent magical energy within the Silver Sands could be used to provide power to the ever growing industrialization efforts of the Theocracy.  With the weakening of the central faith after the theft of the Book of Eshu, Syr Lishaan was able to use its new economic power to gain autonomy from Mer Isaam.  

Major Cities: Nysha Riisyr

Common Races: Human (Theran), Gnome, Dragonborn

Major Religion: The True Faith


Calishan (The Caliphate of the Ishari)

Calishan is the largest of the Ishari lands on the eastern peninsula of Theras sitting in a vast fertile river valley below a rocky plateau jutting from the Magicsend Mountains. Girded by the Emiraz to the west and the Nekatshan Mountains to the north, Calishan has spurred great advances in alchemy, astronomy, and mathematics. Even as magic weakens throughout the world, the Geometrists and Alchemists of Calishan combine magic and science in ways few can imagine.  This newfound innovation has turned the Caliphate’s eyes to the north, where Nekhara has suffered grave upheavals, and the armies of the Shahanshah now battle the Konstantian Legions for territory and tribute in the rocky hills of the Nekatshan.

Major Cities: Calishah, Bashar Et, Aydin

Common Races: Human (Ishari, Theran), Elf (High), Dragonborn

Major Religion: The True Faith


The Hyld Coast (The City-states of the Magi)

The cities of the Hyld are the last remnants of arcane power on Theras. Protected from the Theocracy by the Magicsend Mountains, the magi who managed to flee the vengeance of the Faith created small but powerful city-states that control trade between Western Lethel and the riches of the south. The disappearance of Prince Damodara of Mer Calival a century ago led to outright war between Mer Calival and its ally, Galian, and Par Eshai, aided by Arvaine.  The Winter War ended with the defeat of Mer Calival and Galian, yet both are now rebuilding under powerful new rulers, planning revenge against their old foes.  Forgotten by the Theocracy, the Hyld Coast nonetheless is a land of rising strife and unbound magic.  

Major Cities: Par Eshai, Mer Calival

Common Races: Human (Theran and Westron), Dwarf (Sea), Halfling

Major Religion:  Old Theran Pantheon


The Theocracy (The Most Holy Land of Truth)

The Theocracy is the nation established by the victorious True Faith that killed or drove away the mages who once ruled Theras south of the Magicsend Mountains. Only small pockets of resistance, typically led by sorcerers or others born into arcane power remain as all spellbooks or other sources of arcane magic have been banned as heresy. With the demise of arcane magic, the people of the Theocracy have embraced technology and are moving into an industrial revolution fueled by the new machinery and explosives. The Theocracy has been weakened in recent years.  Last century, the holy Book of Eshu was taken from the very center of the Great Temple of Divine Truth, and instigated a clandestine holy war amongst the High Priesthood.  Although the Regent of the Prophet was able to maintain control over the Theocracy itself, many of the outlying national Priesthoods asserted some degree of autocephaly from the Faith.

Major Cities: Mer Isaam, Syr Ataamyr, Mer Visaa

Commons Races: Human (Theran), Gnome

Major Religion: The True Faith



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Xinshao (The Eternal Jade Empire)

Xinshao is the great continental empire far to the east, across the Great Eastern Ocean.  Warded by high craggy peaks along the shore, only the Imperial Port of Shaolung permits entry into the heartland of the empire.  Few outsiders have ever seen the glimmering cities of the interior, with the teeming masses of peasants, warriors, and nobles serving the Jade Dragon Emperor and his Ministries.

Major Cities:  Jeixing, Shaolung, many others

Common Races: Human (Xinshi)

Major Religion:  Worship of the Jade Dragon Emperor


Shin’la’mere (The Seat of Knowledge)

Sitting on a rocky crag overlooking the western shore of Xinshao, Shin’la’mere (commonly: Shinla) is an isolated high elf city holding vast libraries from the time before gods and mortals were separated.  Shinla is viewed by many in Xinshao as a sort of heaven where the worthiest sages and monks may learn all that exists. In many ways, these rumors are true although the elves are always wary of letting any outsider, even one who can find their way into the magic shrouded city, access all of their arcane secrets.

Major Cities: Shin’la’mere

Common Races: Elf (High)

Major Religions: The Powers






The Guild of Arcanists registers mages, sorcerers, and summoners throughout the Westron lands. The Guild is extremely strict about allowing its followers to practice spells traditionally regarded as the black arts, primarily necromancy, and gladly hire adventurers or send lower rank mages within the Guild to hunt down anyone who refuses to register or breaks the rules of the order. Some lands have managed to resist the Guild’s reach, primarily Warlin and Lystrea, which maintain their own codes of conduct for arcane spellcasters.

Alignment: LN

Code of Conduct:  Conduct arcane research responsibly, maintain good relations between those who use magic and the common folk, reject and overcome the use of magic for unnatural ends.

Benefit:  Members can access the Guild Library, allowing for learning spells and performing research.


The Ebon Masks are the front for the de-facto Thieves’ Guild for much of Lethel. Posing as a charitable fraternity of citizens, the Masks run many of the shadier areas of major cities and expect a cut from anyone moving in on their territory in the underworld. Rogues and other shady characters should be wary of their actions in areas that the Masks control, but can also find a helping hand in times of need.

Alignment: CN

Code of Conduct:  Steal from those who can afford it, avoid outright entanglements with the law, keep to the shadows when times get rough.

Benefit:  Members have access the the Safehouses located in major cities, for both protection and economic benefit.


The Hands of Dusk are a black market and thief-for-hire service operating in Lystrea. Sanctioned as an official temple of Iuminus, through his aspect as god of knowledge, the Duskers are in reality little more than a slightly more respectable band of thieves, spies, and cutthroats. Nearly any good or service is available from the Hands of Dusk… for the right price.

Alignment: LE

Code of Conduct:  A secret is worth a thousand treasures, knowledge is to be guarded, those who fail to keep their secrets deserve their fate.

Benefit:  Members are mostly solitary, but Duskers have access to numerous otherwise illegal goods, and the tomes of the Undercroft hold more secrets than even the Gods might know…


The Red Cloaks are the powerful international merchant’s guild which rose to power after the establishment of the Redwater Colonies along the northwestern coast of Lethel.  Their coffers highly enriched by the vast natural resources of the northlands, the burghers of Visrya, Arvaine, and the Sea Dwarves have seized much power from the nobility, and have begun to demand equal political power amongst the remaining Westron kingdoms.

Alignment: NG

Code of Conduct:  Profit is its own reward.  The rights of the common folk are to be cherished, a free people make for a free market.

Benefit:  Members have access to guild ships and couriers, as well as the wealthy Bank of Greycliffe, and to the security that such an organization can provide.


The Leukandian League is a political and economic power existing within the Lystrean Empire.  While primarily concerned with the abolition of slavery throughout the Lystrean territories, the Leukandian League is also a hub for traders and adventurers, as the League will often have work to be done, dispatching expeditions to free slaves and recover valuables that could aid their efforts.

Alignment:  NG

Code of Conduct:  Slavery in all forms is to be abhorred and abolished.  Members of the League are expected to contribute to this effort, either monetarily, or through service on missions for the League.

Benefit:  Members may draw on the support of the large group of adventurers who work for the League, and find allies and safety when within areas the League influences.



The Knights of the Dawn are dedicated to breaking the power of the undead, in particular that of intelligent undead such as vampires and liches. From their base at Darksfall Fortress, the Knights send warriors and paladins all over the world to hunt out any signs of the undead and eradicate them.

Alignment: LG

Code of Conduct:  Undeath is an unnatural and profane sacrilege against the Gods, and must be eradicated.  Necromancers and others who wield undeath must never be tolerated.

Special Feat:  Knight of the Dawn (Character receives +2 bonus on Religion and Survival checks, advantage on all Wisdom and Intelligence checks related to the undead, and deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage whenever attacking an undead creature.)


The Knights of the Cerulean Topaz are a small order of clerics, knights, and wizards who hunt down aberrations- things from other realms that have invaded Allaran – and seek to change it into something alien and foul. Invoking the power of an ancient sign, they slay beasts from beyond and any mortal followers.

Alignment: LN

Code of Conduct:  Aberrations must be repelled from intruding into the Material World.  Those who worship or call creatures of the void must be rooted out, and the barriers of the planes kept closed.

Special Feat:  Knight of the Cerulean Topaz (Character receives +2 bonus on all Arcana and Investigation checks, advantage on all Wisdom and Intelligence checks related to aberrations, and deals an extra 1d8 psychic damage whenever attacking an aberration.)


The Knights of the Crimson Drake are ostensibly an independent knightly order with strong ties to Lystrea. In reality, however, they are a cult of dragon worshippers who serve the Consul Lyxos and the Chromatic Queen. Their power is mostly kept in check by the Imperial Army and Praetorian Guard, who prop up the puppet emperor as a foil to the consul’s power.

Alignment: LE

Code of Conduct:  The power of the Chromatic Queen must be extended.  Service to the Consul Lyxos and the Empire is paramount to this.  Make no alliances with those who would increase the power of the Platinum Dragon.

Special Feat:  Knight of the Crimson Drake (Character receives +2 bonus on all Arcana and Intimidation checks, advantage on all Wisdom and Intelligence checks related to dragons, and gains access to a single Sorcerer cantrip using Charisma as a casting modifier.


The Knights of the Star Ascendant are knights who serve the ancient demigod Atraeus called the Prince of the Stars. They believe Atraeus to have fallen to earth after a great battle creating the Rift. Their fortress sits along the Riftsedge and they frequently battle with the orcs and other creatures living in the surrounding wilderness. In addition, the Knights frequently hire out as mercenaries and adventurers throughout the known world.

Alignment: LN

Code of Conduct:  The Rift is a sacred place to the Prince of the Stars.  Knights must protect the Rift from trespass by those who do not serve Atraeus.  Make pawns and allies of those who can aid these goals.

Special Feat:  Knight of the Star Ascendant (Character receives +2 bonus on all Arcana and Deception checks, and advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic.


Lythwyn’quellir (The Leaf Wardens) are the elven warders of the forest.  The Wardens defend nature against all intruders, serving the Powers in maintaining the wilderness and living creatures against the encroachment of the civilization.  The Wardens are led by the Elder Druids, and are composed of rangers and warriors.  Although primarily elven, the Wardens count many half-elves and halflings amongst their ranks.

Alignment:  CG

Code of Conduct:  The Wild must be protected.  Those who would exploit and destroy the natural are to be opposed, and the faith of the Powers must be upheld.

Special Feat:  Leaf Warden (Character gains a +2 bonus to Nature and Survival, advantage on Dexterity and Wisdom checks while in forest terrain, and gains access to the Druidcraft cantrip using Wisdom as casting modifier.

Various smaller knightly orders exist, mostly in the service of a single kingdom or region; however, these four are the main international orders with members being recognized, as well as holding territory and fighting in many nations. Smaller knightly orders include the Knights of the Lion in Dulquis or the Knights of the Arbor in Berrivar.




The Tribes of the Kal inhabit the vast steppe of Kalistar in northwestern Lethel. Expert horsemen and bowmen, they range in clans called khagans led by warleaders known as khagars. The Kal are viewed as barbarians by the other peoples of Lethel but they have strong ties with the Sylvan elves who inhabit the forests bordering the steppe, as well as the new kingdom of Trianna, founded by Atul Khagar. They live by a code of deep personal honor, although it is unrecognizable by most southerners.

Race: Human (Kal)

Major Religion: Triu


The Tinkers are a group of gnomes who wander all the lands of Lethel in their strange caravans. Tinkers are organized as clans consisting of a group of interconnected families; they are welcomed in most communities for the trinkets, stories, and exceptional skill they possess with many crafts and magics. This practice has even led to a superstition that bad luck follows anyone who harms a Tinker.

Race: Gnome

Major Religion: The Powers

Westron Reckoning (Westron Calendar)
12 months of 28 days each. Every 5 years an extra day – Godsday – takes place at the end of the year. Currently the year is 1409 WR. 
Major Holidays are 0/1 Ascension (Godsday/New Year's), 21 Highsun (Soltide), 28 Harvest (Wardwend) and 14 Moonrule (Silverhearts)


Ascension (July)

Othirykyorn (Old Years/Non-Human Calendar)
The non-human races do not use the Westron calendar – they have only eight months of 42 days apiece, one for each Power. They consider the New Year to be 1st Esmearaen (The Festival of Baeltaen) and the start of winter to be 1st Mournaen (The Festival of Saourhyn). Traditionally, pilgrimages take place during each Power's month. It is currently 15099 OY ((Draconic: Othirykyorn – lit. Year of the Oath)/Old Years). Most non-humans have simply adapted to the human months, but maintain what they view as the correct year count.

After Unification (Lystrean Calendar)
Lystreans share month names with the rest of the human lands, but date years by AU (After Unification). It is the year 512 AU. The Lystrean New Year is 1st Icetide, Unitas (Unification Week) is 11th-18th Snowfall, and Gryphinalia (The Imperial Festival) is 5th-7th Greening.

Theras and Xinshao maintain their calendar, but use the Westron calendar in trade and diplomatic communications with the West.

The World of Allaran

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